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Specialist in programming language Python, web framework Django, JavaScript framework VueJS and Django REST framework.

I design and develop complex web applications that meet the requirements for high performance, software security and good user experience.

Visit me in my Brno office for a free, non-binding consultation or just call me.
Software engineer, developer and freelancer Ing. Jan Krňávek.

Software solutions in Python, Django web framework and Vue JS JavaScript framework

  • I will consult your customer requirements, design the architecture of the web application and create the tender documentation.
  • I implement a website or a complex web application in the Python and Django framework programming languages.
  • I will connect a Python or Django application to your software backend.
  • I will solve the performance problems of Python or Django applications.
  • I will modify, complete or fix a Django application created by a third party.
  • I implement Django CMS for your website, including SEO optimization, training, operation and support.
  • I will perform security and technical audit of the Django application, including a proposal for improvements.
  • I will extend your Django application with new functionality or update application packages.
  • I'm updating the code of your Django application to the current version of Python 2, 3 and Django 1.x, 2.x, 3.x.
  • I will create a Python or Django web application according to your specifications as a subcontractor.
  • I will design and implement a REST API backend built on the Django REST framework, suitable for communication with the Android or iOS mobile platform, for example.

Software design, development and programming in Python, Django web framework and Vue JS JavaScript framework

Design, programming, development and maintenance of Python and Django applications

    I will develop custom software. I will transform your idea or business needs into a functional and sustainable Python and Django application. After completing the application, I will not leave you in the lurch, and I will take care of future development, bug fixes, maintenance and user support.

    First, we jointly identify essential application requirements, perform a user needs analysis, and determine the software architecture. We will transfer the findings to the tender documentation.

    The tender documentation describes the expected properties of the application in a technical language, clearly defines the final product for the customer and is necessary for determining the price offer and schedule.

    Need to design or program a Python and Django application? Contact me for a free consultation or visit in my Brno office.

Solving operational problems of Python and Django applications

    During the life cycle of a Python and Django application, various types of problems may occur that require the professional intervention of a programmer.

    For example, the need to modify code, implement data links and interfaces, update software components and packages, reconfigure the runtime environment, change the backup strategy, or set new security keys, passwords, and user roles.

    A separate chapter is performance issues, which can be caused by, for example, poorly designed application architecture, unsuitable user interface, unexpected increase in operational data, insufficiently oversized runtime hardware or poorly designed network infrastructure and others.

    If you are solving any of the above problems, please contact me. I'll be glad to help you.

Software audit of Python and Django applications

    I will audit your Python and Django application created by a third party. In a clear form, I will map and describe the current state of the application, including a proposal to improve functionality, improve the user interface and increase security.

    The service contains a report that evaluates the quality of the code and documentation, a description of the software architecture used and the runtime infrastructure. Furthermore, a list of used Python and Django components, modules and libraries. A separate section deals with the analysis of possible risks to which attention should be paid

    The audit report gives you a basic overview of the technological and security status of your application. The report can be used to discuss application development or as a supporting and opposing document for negotiations with your current vendor.

Implementation of Django CMS including SEO optimization

    Django CMS is an advanced web content management system based on the Django framework. Django CMS is the counterpart of the Wordpress system in the Python world and is suitable for creating complex web presentations as well as for simple web pages.

    Key features include a user-friendly interface, responsive design support, multilingual publishing, an authorization management system for managers and editors, scalability with existing plugins, and built-in SEO optimization support.

    I will design, develop and run a web presentation based on Django CMS, which will work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. I will also take care of operation, development, maintenance and user support.

How much it cost?

    I prefer the price rate for the task or project. The project conditions are defined clearly for both the customer and me. The cooperation is so more comfortable. Each additional work is priced individually.

    In the case of projects, the first step is to perform a paid analysis of customer requirements. Customer requirements and the principle of operation of the application is specified in the tender documentation.

    The tender (project) documentation contains the agreed assignment, technical specification, the final price and a rough schedule. Project documentation is a necessary basis for a binding order or for concluding a work contract. For new customers, I require a deposit in advance.

    I also offer cooperation in the form of an hourly rate corresponding to the current price level on the market. As part of the long-term partnership, a discount on the hourly rate can be agreed.

I follow these principles

  • What I promise is true.
  • I'm not creating technical debt.
  • I meet deadlines.
  • I do not repeat the same mistakes twice.
  • I listen to customers and like to communicate with them regularly.
  • I recommend to customers the most suitable solution for their current situation and needs.
  • The result matters, not on the number of hours worked.
  • There is a good reward for the work done.
  • I will take care of your applications in the future.
  • What I can't do, I'll learn.
  • I don't lead my customers by the nose.

In my projects I use these IT technologies

    I have experience with managing Linux and Windows servers and DELL and HP branded hardware. I have practical experience with Linux operating systems Redhat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu. I manage PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB databases. I install and configure Apache, Nginx, PHP, mod_wsgi, uWSGI, http2, https and more. I also have experience running Linux Kvm, Vmware, Docker and AWS cloud virtualization solutions.

    For the customer, the advantage of the above is that, if necessary, I can put the Python or Django project into operation without the help of an external administrator. It's also easier to debug errors and performance issues in the application because I have an idea of what's going on under the hood.

  • Python 2 and 3
  • Django Framework
  • Django CMS
  • Django Rest Framework (Rest API)
  • Html5, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Material Design
  • JavaScript, JQuery, Vue JS JavaScript framework including Vuex module, Vue router
  • I store my source code in Git
  • I organize my work with Atlassian Jira and Confluence

Why is Python and Django framework a right choice for building web applications?

    Django is an advanced open-source framework for creating websites and applications. The Django framework is based on the Python programming language, whose code is short and easy to read compared to other languages.

    Django has been designed from the ground up to help programmers develop applications efficiently and as quickly as possible. At every step of development - from idea, through implementation and testing, to deployment into production, Django naturally reduces development and maintenance costs thanks to its brilliant architecture.

    Django has many useful features that simplify development. For example, a rich ecosystem with more than 5,000 application packages makes it easy to find and insert new functionality into an existing software project with minimal effort. That's why it's popular with many freelancer developers as well as established web companies that prefer Python and Django because of their high productivity and low development costs.

Where do the Python and Django framework come from?

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Content Management System (CMS) for internal and public web presentations.
  • Communication platforms.
  • Reservation systems.
  • Data analysis systems.
  • Scientific systems for parallel computations.
  • Email solution.
  • Document management systems.
  • Financial platforms (FinTech).
  • AI systems for the application of machine learning or neural networks.
  • Backend systems for Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • Systems for the support of real estate transactions and assess the creditworthiness of those interested in mortgage loans.
  • Security systems based on image or sound recognition.

    Django and Python are used by major global companies and organizations, such as Instagram, NASA, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, DropBox and more.

    And now I will try in one sentence - the Django framework in combination with the Python programming language is merely excellent, it is well and quickly programmed in it, and it non-violently enforces the right programming procedures leading to readable and sustainable code. Django and Python pay off.

I look forward to working with you

    I have been working in the field of information technology since 2004. I supply demanding web, intranet applications created in the Python programming language and the Django framework. I create custom software from its design and processing to the final deployment at the customer, including training.

    I have an university degree in technical and economic and therefore I can look at your problem from both a business and IT technical point of view. I like to use the principles of minimalism in my work. I speak Czech, English language and have a basic knowledge of the German language.